What is Talking-Forex?

Talking-Forex will provide you with rapid audio information and real-time news headlines on all major economic releases and aspects of the FX markets. You will never miss a market move again!

Talking-Forex costs only GBP 30.00 per month for coverage of European and US markets, with no sign up fee. If you wish to add the optional extra Asia-pac coverage there is an additional charge of GBP 30.00 per month; 24 hour coverage of the markets can be yours for only GBP 60.00 per month! A GBP 1.00 charge will be applied to your card at the start of the trial to make sure your card is valid but this will be refunded to you if you ever decide to cancel.

What is the audio service?

Talking-Forex is unique in that it is the only audio service in the world that is available 24 hours a day and exclusively for FX traders. It is delivered by our highly skilled team of Talking-Forex analysts around the clock from Sunday evening through to Friday evening. Every member of our team has a different market speciality and each one has a number of years experience working for an investment bank, hedge fund or financial news agency. Most importantly Talking-Forex analysts are completely independent and neutral in their opinions.

What is the headline feed?

Talking-Forex offers its own headline feed which is vital for those times you aren't at your trading screen. It is unlike any other feed that you may see, as it is filtered for FX traders only. So when you sit down at your trading desk you will be able to read the headlines that matter rather than having to trawl through pages of unimportant news to find the reason why markets have moved whilst you were away.

What other features do we offer?

Alongside the audio and headline feeds we also provide:

  • In-house written research
  • Daily interactive calendars
  • Previews of all the week's big economic news
  • Daily technical analysis on all the major currency pairs