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Required Specifications

  • ADSL / Cable Internet connection. (>512Kb/s, 50-250ms ping)
  • download Flash Player (>version 10.0)
  • download Google Chrome, Firefox v4 or higher, or Safari
  • Unblocked firewall access on TCP port 1935 to

Firewall Settings

Most home routers and firewalls should not have an issue, but corporate firewalls might block the audio service because it runs a unique port.

If you need to modify your firewall settings these are the IP/ ports/protocols you will need to open:

  • IP / Host:
  • Port / Protocol: 1935, TCP


If JavaScript is not working, you will probably have a message at the top of this page informing you of this. This can be common in some corporate installations of Internet Explorer, where restrictive security settings may prevent scripts from running. You can ensure JavaScript works by following the instructions at the URL below:

Other Frequestly Asked Questions

  • What hours do you operate?
    The European and US desk operates from 0630 till 2130 London time and the Asia-pac desk runs from 2130 to 0630 London time. The Talking-Forex desk is open from 2200 London time on a Sunday evening until 2130 on a Friday evening.
  • Why is the squawk not continuous?
    We only make 'squawks' when there is news to say, so when you hear us speak, you know it is important!
  • I am behind a proxy service, will the audio still work?
    In most cases yes, however the audio may become delayed.
  • Do you support smart phones? (i.e. Blackberry, Android, etc)
    No, the website does not officially support smartphones.
  • What is a squawk box?
    An audio based service, providing you with market moving news through the trading day.

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